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   The Department of Electronic Engineering, established in 1974, is a part of the College of Engineering at Chienkuo Technology University. The Department and Institute of Electronic Engineering cultivates qualified professionals by equipping them with tools necessary to meet the needs of modern industry and provide the manpower that the electronic and electrical industries require for national development. In addition, the department extends its faculty’s research and development capabilities to related fields, and seeks to improve cooperative education and technical service within industrial circles.

  To ensure an education of the best quality, there are 18 full-time faculty members titled as assistant professors or above and 15 certified instructors. The six-story building which houses the department offers approximately 9,720 square meters of instructional space. It accommodates 12 teaching laboratories for high frequency communications, optoelectronics , digital integrated circuits, digital communications, electronic circuits, single-chip microcomputers, microcomputer interfaces, computer-aided design, computer networking, and very-large-scale integration (VLSI). There are also 10 faculty research laboratories, specializing in the research and development of microwaves, microcomputers, optoelectronics, digital signal processing, systems applications, nanotechnology, semiconductor techniques, optimization techniques, green energy technology, and cable television control.

   The department embraces the cultivation of professional technicians and engineers who specialize in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining electronic equipment and systems. In addition to the core courses required of all students, there are three areas of specialization that students choose based on their interests: computers, communications, and optoelectronic semiconductors. Finally, to convert students’ knowledge of theory into application, they are required to complete a practical graduation project under faculty supervision. With their well-honed skills and specialized knowledge, graduates of the program can look forward to a future filled with opportunity.