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• Computer Engineering

  o Introduction to Microprocessors

  o Basic Language Application

  o Homepage Design and Construction

  o Multimedia Program Design

  o Introduction to Computer Networks

  o Signal-Chip Microcomputer Laboratory

  o Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

  o Computer Networks and Laboratory

  o Computer Aided Circuit Design

  o Data Structure

  o Discrete Mathematics

  o System Program Design

  o Computer Architecture

  o Operating Systems

• Communication Engineering

  o Digital Communication

  o Mobile Communication Systems

  o Communication System Design

  o Antenna Design and Laboratory

  o Microwave Circuit Design and Laboratory

  o Digital Signal Processing

  o Probabilities and Statistics

  o Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

  o Fiber Optic Communications

  o High-Frequency Circuit Design and Laboratory

  o Digital Communication Systems and Laboratory

  o Communication Electronics

  o Microwave Engineering and Laboratory

  o Coding Theory

  o Satellite Communications

  o Mobile Communications

  o Electromagnetic Waves

  o Broadband Access Technology

  o Cable TV Engineering & Laboratory

• Optoelectronic and Semiconductor Engineering

  o Introduction to Optoelectronics Engineering

  o Semiconductor Physics

  o Basic Optics

  o Introduction to Flat Panel Display

  o Fuel Cell

  o Optoelectronics Laboratory

  o High-Speed Semiconductors

  o Laser Principles and Applications

  o VLSI IC Techniques

  o Electronic Materials

  o Optoelectronic Materials

  o Vacuum Techniques

  o VLSI IC Techniques Laboratory

  o IC Design Laboratory

  o Semiconductor Fabrication Technology

  o Introduction to Solid Electronics

  o Interferometric Optics

  o Compound Semiconductors

  o Modern Physics