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Course Development
Specialized Courses: Information and communication technology (ICT) modules and applied electronics technology modules are included in our department. The electronic engineering curriculum provides ICT, microcomputer, optoelectronic semiconductor professional skills for areas in modern industry and government which depend upon electronics. In every school year, 6~8 courses are associated with team teaching methods. In these courses, the industry teachers with excellent skills and rich practice experiences are employed.
General Courses: In general courses, the general education, liberal education, and living skills education are included.    
Course and License: License requirements are designed into related course contents. Every student is trained to obtain a professional license, a computer skill license, an English language license and a CPR license before his graduation.     
Further Opportunities: The courses are design to train students with theory and practice knowledge in order to meet the needs of the electronic industries. The final goal of our education is “Immediately employment after the graduation”. In addition, career guidance seminars are held to guide students for further educations.